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Saturday, February 4, 2012

February Give Away

ffooiillaaa..................ada GA lagi yg ( hhmm rutin deh kek nya di selenggarakan Mba Puri "Ideku Handmade "
yang kali ini ngajakin Mba Dini "capung mungil " buat jadi sponsornya jugaa......... ini loh info yang aq repost dari    Mba Puri "Ideku Handmade "

{february giveaway}

February Giveaway sponsored by Capungmungil is coming!
Mbak 'Dini' Dian K Wardhani , founder of Capungmungil, will give her craft books for 3 lucky readers. For your information, this is her 2nd craft book. She is very creative person! 

How to win?
- Join Capung Mungil's Fan Page on Facebook
- Put this button on your side bar
- Leave a comment and your e-mail
- You can repost or share or twit if you want too :)

Giveaway is open to Indonesian Residents only. Sorry. I will sellect the winners randomly on Feb 14!

bagi yang mau join silahkan meluncur kesini nih tempatnya February Giveaway

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